bæredygtigt sølv og guld lavet ind til en octopussy ring
one of a kind statement ring in recycled sterling silver and gold
unikke bæredygtige smykker håndlavet i københavn
sustainable unique jewellery in timeless design
octopussy ring as seen in British vogue. sustainable statement ring


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As seen in British Vogue

One of my favourites!

The Octopussy ring is handmade with 100% recycled sterling silver and 9k solid gold rings.

The ring was originally made with just wholes but after working a lot with just silver we wanted to add some gold to our designs. We started doing that on this ring and it was created on the day of womens international day in 2017. Therefore Octopussy.

The ring has a textured finish and takes time to make as all individual wholes and rings are made and put on one by one. They go a little small in size - Check out our Size guide to find the right size for you.