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I'm Sara Kristine the creator behind Another Jewel.
Why did I create Another Jewel?
Another Jewel is created based on the dream of creating something special made for everyone. That everyone has access to a piece of jewellery which is not mass produced. I wish for those wearing Another Jewel to feel that it is special made for them.

The name Another Jewel was created on one of those sleepless nights. I want Another jewel to be different from the perfection we see. I want to create perfectly imperfect minimal pieces for an individual style where no two pieces would be the same. 

What does sustainability mean to us?
I feel strongly that in today's world, with all the knowledge readily available to us - we all have the option, and the responsibility, to contribute to the planet. For me that means I pride myself on being the most Eco-friendly and sustainable jewellery maker I can be - to the material I use, right through to the packaging and marketing collateral. I believe that with small steps, we can all make a big difference. 
The boxes you will receive your jewellery in is made from recycled paper, they are FSC certified www.fsc.org and they are produced in Denmark. 

The metal I work with is certified 100% recycled and all the jewellery is handmade by me, in slow fashioned style in my little home studio in Copenhagen. Every piece is created with the mindset of imperfection and individuality.

Follow and see more of my special made work on Instagram @Another_jewel

I hope you like what you see.


Sara Kristine x


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